Airmagic® are manufacturers, marketers, distributors, engineers, installers, managers, maintainers, suppliers and guarantee managers of our eco-cooling and eco-heating systems. We have a highly qualified human and technical team with extensive national and international experience guaranteeing an excellent result sustained over time.

All our products and our complete solutions for air conditioning, cooling and heating, ventilation and air treatment, offer the solution to the widespread and typical problems in all sectors: industrial, commercial, logistics, pharmaceutical, livestock, agricultural, domestic, etc. All this with an incredibly low investment, a virtually non-existent energy consumption cost and simple and economical maintenance.

Invest with Airmagic®, the latest technology in 100% ecological units. We do not use any harmful gas for health and the environment, such as HFCs and CFCs.


Innovative state-of-the-art technology

What makes Airmagic® the ideal solution to optimize and increase the business performance of any facility? Multi sector experience and continuous development investment in the new generation of products in the last 30 years of Airmagic® and Ingenian.

The smart choice for your budget

The Airmagic® cooling system consumes up to 98% less energy than conventional systems. This can become a significant savings, especially when it is required to air large commercial areas.

The Smart Choice for Your Productivity

Your employees will move from working in low-health environments and Tª> 40ºC to work in an environment of purified air and Tª <26ºC comfort, which will increase their productivity more than 30% and reduce their accident rate by more than 65%.

Smart choice for the environment

Unlike air conditioners that require aggressive and unfriendly chemicals to cool the air, Airmagic® uses only water. This makes the MP industrial series the green alternative and an environmentally responsible choice.




Sport centers





At Airmagic® we offer our products and know-how to a wide range of countries around the world, with a complete, permanent, efficient and close service to our clients spread over different geographic locations.

All within our vision of the company, which is the solution of 100% ecological, economic, sustainable and with minimal emissions of CO², all this added to a total satisfaction of our clients. In short, a benefit to society, every day, necessarily more sustainable.


“Our greatest reward is our customers’ satisfaction”

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