At Airmagic® we are dedicated to solving problems for our customers. Problems of lack of thermal comfort due to high or low temperatures, failure problems of other industrial machines to operate in high temperature environments, problems of energy saving in air conditioning in their installation or problems of concentration of gases, odors, dust in suspension, static energy, etc … inside the industry as a result of its production system.

For this, in Airmagic® we have the full value chain; We manufacture, plan, distribute, calculate, install and maintain eco-cooling and eco-heating systems. We have a highly qualified human and technical team with extensive national and international experience that guarantees an excellent long-term result and a continuous maintenance of our products.

All our products and our complete results for air conditioning, cooling, heating, ventilation and air treatment, offer the solution to the widespread problems typical of all sectors: industrial, commercial, logistics, pharmaceutical, livestock, sports, etc.

We offer our products and our know-how to a wide range of countries around the world, with a complete, permanent, efficient and close service to our clients spread over different geographic locations. All this within our vision and mission of company, based on principles, values ​​of professionalism, honesty and honesty.

We are the solution of a climate 100% ecological, more profitable, economic, sustainable and with minimum emissions of CO² that exists in the market. All this, together with the correct satisfaction of our customers, means that everything we bring to our customers has a return and an improvement to their results. In short, a win-win treatment, the customer wins, Airmagic® wins and society wins, each day more needed to be, more sustainable.

Each year, Airmagic® invests in innovation, development and technology to continue to lead the industry of customers who are committed to our vision and need it. With more than 20 years of experience, we have products, services and solutions of extreme quality at very competitive prices, with impressive periods of return of investment from 3 months, offering an improvement of the productivity and functionality of the facilities that we ecoclimatize without comparison.

All our products comply with the most demanding standards of safety, functionality and durability, for society, for the client company and for the environment. We do not use any harmful gas for health and the environment, such as HFCs and CFCs.

Airmagic® belongs to the GrupoSIGE Industrial Group, which in all its activities has implemented the demanding ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2008 Quality Certificates, so that all processes used in production, marketing, engineering, installation and after sales service with our extensive guarantee, meet the established parameters.

Airmagic® is a leading brand in air conditioning 100% ecological through innovation and constant development.